Connie is a writer.

Connie Pertuz Meza, a Colombian American writer, was inspired to pen pieces about her life, family, and ancestors. A two-decade-long NYC public school educator, mother of two teenagers, and wife.

Connie’s writing has appeared in The Rumpus, Kweli Literary Journal, Lunch Ticket, Chalkbeat, Stenhouse Blog, The Nasonia, Women Who Roar, Herstryblg, Intervenxtions NYU Latinx Project, Raising Mothers, Dreamers Creative Writing, Voices In The Middle, The Acentos Review, MUTHA, and several anthologies.

Connie is a three-time VONA alum and board member, three-time Tin House participant, 2021 Aspen Words Ricardo Salinas Latinx recipient, a 2022 Pen America Emerging Fellow, and a 2023 We Need Diverse Books Finalist.

I believe everyone is a writer. I believe everyone has a story worth writing inside of them. I also believe that not everyone will publish a novel, but you won’t know if you don’t try…

Connie Pertuz Meza

Connie is a writer that brings her culture and life to the written word.

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